Venture Capital

Walden Woods Holdings is always on the lookout for a good business idea. This interest covers a broad spectrum of activities and ranges from tech ideas all the way to service industries. By seeking-out projects that interest us, we aim to get actively involved in some of the projects in a more hands-on manner.


WWH has taken a stake in Knightscope Inc., a robotics firm. Knightscope is developing autonomous robotic systems that provide safety and security for users. Initial products aim to provide guard patrol functionality for private and institutional clients.


WWH has taken a stake in Oximity Limited, a independent, non-mainstream, news provider service. Oximity aims to connect people around the world to sources of news that are closer to occurrences and more independent than traditional news providers.


WWH has taken a stake in UrbanFarmers AG, an aquaponic farming company. The company aims to provide solutions to bring local fruits, vegetables, and fish to consumers in a more sustainable and responsible manner. With a selection of IP and various projects in the pipeline, UrbanFarmers will revolutionize the industry.

WWH has taken a stake in fetchr, a parcel delivery mobile application and delivery solutions company. ┬áBy allowing package delivery to a person’s physical location instead of a delivery address, delivery failures are reduced drastically and cost savings along with cool heads result.


WWH has taken a stake in Virtuix, makers of the Omni omni-directional virtual reality interface platform. With the next wave of virtual reality breakthroughs upon us, the Omni will give users the ability to immerse themselves in virtual environments like never before. Virtuix endeavors to be at the forefront of VR interfacing.